Step Two: Repairing the Tissues!

Step Two: Repairing the Tissues
Swelling happens when your body sustains an injury. It’s a knee-jerk reaction process to isolate the injury so it doesn’t effect the entire body. The fastest way to heal is to two step your way back to health. Step one: reduce the swelling with Inflammation Buster treatment, and Step Two: Repair the Tissues and give the body what it needs to aid in the natural repair process after an injury.

Since your skin is the largest organ in your body, topical, local (where the trauma actually is) treatment placed directly on the skin can be more effective than an oral treatment that has to be digested in the stomach, filtered by the liver and spread through the blood supply to your tissues.

Castor Oil applied on a wool flannel pad is a fabulous way to nourish your skin and subcutaneous (under the skin) layers in your body to speed healing. It’s not only anti-viral, anti-fungal, but it also treats a variety of skin conditions and can reduce pain in the tissues. Castor seeds contain very high concentrations of a special fatty acid called ricinoleic acid, and these fatty acids are thought to be the key to its healing properties.

What you will need:

Castor Oil Pure Organic Cold Pressed Virgin by Dr.Adorable 8 Oz
Baar Products – Wool Flannel for Castor Oil packs 1 pkt [Health and Beauty]
Plastic Wrap
Heating Pad
Old Bath towel
Soap and water

Castor Oil for healing skin injuries

Cut wool flannel to a size that will cover the injured area.
Apply Castor Oil to the injured area.
Cover injured air with the wool flannel and fix in place with plastic wrap so the oil will not leak out.
Apply moist heat to injured area for 45-60 minutes (you can leave on overnight if possible). Make sure that any area the castor oil is applied you place an old bath towel between the castor oil pack and any clothing or furniture. The oil can stain fabrics.
Remove wool flannel (can be reused for several treatments, store in a clean plastic bag)
Clean off remaining oil with soap and water.

Good luck,

Go Ahead…Heal Thyself!



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